Spas in Styria

The Styria (Štajerska) region, is home to Slovenia’s 2nd largest city, Maribor, as well as Celje (the 3rd largest), and the Pohorje and Posavje mountain ranges.

In addition to visiting the towns mentioned above, among the other sights of interest in the region are:

  • The Minorite Monastery, castle and Syncerus chocolate factory at Olimje
  • Podsreda Castle – the best-preserved Romanesque castle in Slovenia
  • The breathtakingly beautiful glacial Logarska Dolina valley – a paradise for hikers


The Dobrna Thermal Spa, located halfway between Celje and Velenje, has a tradition dating back over 600 years. Its medicinal spring thermal water was first used for health purposes in 1403, and since 1542 it has been used for treating gynaecological and urological illnesses, rheumatic illnesses and those similar to rheumatism, and for healing some diseases and motor system injuries.

Facilities include the 200-year old spa park, a massage and beauty centre, indoor and outdoor pools, thermal baths, a sauna land, and a diagnostic and rehabilitation centre.

Accommodation comprises two four-star and one three-star hotel.


Olimia is one of Slovenia’s most modern and luxurious thermal spas and, since 2009, it has continuously been rated the best spa in Slovenia. It is located in Podcetrtek, in the Kozjansko region, a hilly area in the basin of the Bistrica river that has been classified a UNESCO biosphere reservation.

The spa’s magnesium- and calcium-rich thermal water is known to reduce the negative impacts of stress that accompany modern lifestyles.

Features include the Aqualuna Thermal Park, 2 wellness centres, a health centre, the Armonia spa, and a golf course just 3kms away.

Accommodation comprises one four-star superior hotel, two four-star hotels, a 3-star apartment village, and a 5-star camp.


The Rogaška Health Resort, with its 400-year tradition and 12-storey medical centre, is Slovenia’s oldest, largest and best-known thermal resort. In bygone days, members of imperial families used to visit the resort.

Magnesium-rich Donat Mg water is known worldwide for its curative powers which, even in small amounts, can contribute to the healing of various ailments.

Services at the vast Rogaška Medical Centre include Balneotherapy, Donat Mg water drinking therapy, rejuvenation and beauty treatments, physiotherapy and surgery.

Accommodation is available in the many hotels that surround the park, such as the regal Grand Hotel, or the Grand Hotel Sava, which overlook the immaculately-arranged spa park. Each of the hotels have their own on-site wellness facilities.

Other facilities and sights of interest nearby include the Rogaška Riviera thermal pools, the Rogaška glassworks, which has been producing its highly-regarded crystal products for over 350 years, whilst for outdoor activities there are a number of walking trails, a small ski slope and the Boč Nature Park is also in the vicinity.


Located in the town of Laško, famous for being the home to the Laško brewery, Thermana Lasko is just 10 kilometres from Slovenia’s 3rd city, Celje.

The Savinja river runs beside the spa and a pleasant walking path runs on both banks of the river. The small town park is located adjacent to the hotel.

Research has demonstrated that the thermal water at Laško shows a high-quality bio field. Its curative effect is used in balneology therapies and its beneficial properties have a motivating effect therefore the water is also recommended for drinking.

The highlight of the year in Laško is the ‘Beer and Blooms Festival’ (Pivo in cvetje) which takes place annually in July and is considered Slovenia’s version of the Oktoberfest.

Highlights include the glass-domed thermal centre with pools and whirlpools, outdoor pools, a sauna centre, a health and beauty centre, two wellness centres and a medical centre.

Accommodation comprises one four-star superior and one four-star hotel.

For a unique experience try one of the ‘Beer Wellness’ pampering treatments.


A thermal spring, which stems from the extinct Smrekovec volcano, was discovered in Topolščica in the 16th century and first opened to the public in 1838. The thermal spa stands in a tranquil corner of Slovenia, at the foot of a hill, surrounded by forest, far away from the daily hustle and bustle of life.

The spa’s environment make it especially suitable for treating diseases of the respiratory tract.

Facilities include the recently-expanded Zala spa centre – with a wellness and medical centre, indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna world and a modern well-equipped fitness studio.

Accommodation comprises two three-star hotels and an apartment village.


Located in the foothills of the Pohorje mountains, as well as being an oasis of health and wellbeing, the Zreče Thermal Spa is also ideal for those looking for an active break.

The nearby Rogla ski resort is a winter wonderland – a ski bus operates directly from the spa. In summer there are endless opportunities for walking, hiking and cycling in the surroundings, as well as trips to nearby sights of interest such as the Žiče Charterhouse in nearby Slovenske Konjice.

The calcium and magnesium-rich acratothermal water is of particular importance in balneo-rehabilitation treatments, as well as having a beneficial effect on disorders including those of the locomotive system, spine, nervous system, and for sports injuries.

A speciality is its treatments using mountain peat, found in the marshlands of the nearby Pohorje forest and mountains.

Facilities include the Idyll Wellness and Spa Centre, a sauna village, and indoor and outdoor thermal pools.

Accommodation includes one four-star superior hotel, one four-star hotel, two three-star hotels (intended for guests staying on medical programmes), and four-star villas.