Spas in Dolenjska

The Dolenjska region, also known as Posavje, is in the southeast of Slovenia. It is a land of rolling hills, vineyards, forests – including the primeval Kočevje forest, and the Krka river.

Among the towns and numerous sights of interest in the area are:

  • Ribnica: known for its ‘suha roba’ wooden goods, and Ribnica Castle
  • Stična Abbey – one of the oldest monasteries in Slovenia
  • Bogenšperk Castle – the Renaissance castle where Janez Vajkard Valvasor spent two decades of his life writing ‘The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola’ (1689)
  • Žužemberk – the partly-renovated once-mighty castle
  • Novo Mesto – the capital of the region, set on a bend of the Krka river


This place is vast! The Čatež thermal springs were discovered at the confluence of the Sava and Krka rivers over 200 years ago.

Children in particular love the expansive summer and winter thermal riveria which covers over 13,000 square metres with waterfalls, giant slides, pirates cove, ten outdoor pools, and whirlpools.

Other facilities include a sauna park, spa, wellness centre and health and beauty centre, and a dental wellness centre.

The health centre has been operating since 1962 and includes state-of-the-art facilities for sports rehabilitation.

In close proximity is the 18-hole Mokrice golf course, which extends over 70 hectares on a 200-year-old English castle estate featuring an English park and the medieval Mokrice Castle.

There is a wide choice of accommodation to suit every need comprising three hotels (two four-star, one three-star), apartments, mobile homes, a campsite; tepees in the Indian village, and bungalows in Pirates Bay.


The water from the Dolenjske Toplice thermal springs is used to treat blood and lymph circulation disorders, as well as having thermic effects on the entire body, including stimulating the immune system.

The area has an abundancy of green meadows, vineyards, waterways and forests, offering a multitude of opportunities for outdoors recreation. Nearby is the Otočec golf course – one of Slovenia’s most popular – and the Otočec Adventure Park, offering a wide range of opportunities for other outdoor activities.

Facilities include indoor and outdoor thermal and seawater pools, the state-of-the-art Balnea wellness centre, a fitness centre, pilates and yoga, and a medical rehabilitation centre.

Accommodation comprises 3 four-star hotels and the resort also has a Halal certificate.


The water from the thermal springs at Šmarješke Toplice is used to treat blood and lymph circulation disorders, as well as having thermic effects on the entire body from a physiological and clinical perspective.

The spa was the first to offer medical wellness programmes in Slovenia, which include a wide range of weight loss and detox programmes as well as the metabolic syndrome programme, aimed at eliminating metabolic disorders and reducing high blood pressure.

Other facilities include the Vitarium Spa and Clinique Centre, a Nordic walking centre, indoor and outdoor thermal pools, a sports park, the Otočec Adventure Park (4kms away), and the Otočec golf course, one of Slovenia’s longest, is also nearby.

Accommodation comprises two four-star and one three-star hotel.