About Spas in Slovenia

There are 14 state-verified natural or thermal spas in Slovenia, each of which has been verified and certified by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia as having thermal water with natural healing properties.

The majority of Slovenia’s natural or thermal spas have been in existence for hundreds of years, originally operating largely as healing retreats.

As the range of spas and what they offer varies greatly, it can be something of a minefield trying to decide which one best suits your needs, as I have found.

Thermal waters are the foundation for Slovenian spas and the reason they first came into existence. Treatments were develped from the beneficial properties of these thermal waters. At first sight the spas, or rather part of each spa, is more akin to a ‘medi-spa’, with a particular emphasis on healing, treating long-term illnesses, rehabilitation and convalescence.

Through the years, however, each of the spas has expanded and evolved and now offer a wide range of innovative services and treatments, together with modern hotels, wellness and sports and recreation facilities, as well as becoming more family-friendly, many having expansive water parks.

For example, at one of the first spas I stayed in after moving to Slovenia, I made the wrong choice and found myself staying in the part which is largely devoted to rehabilitation and convalescing, and thus felt I was holidaying in a hospital. However, when I revisited this same spa some years later, I stayed in the newer, modern hotel, with its extensive wellness facilities and water park, and it was an entirely different experience.

It is for this reason that I decided to start this blog, to help steer readers towards the spa which best suits their requirements.

The sheer diversity of Slovenia’s spas, the range of accommodation, and the diversity of the treatments and therapies available, means that there are ample opportunities for wellness, health, relaxation, recreation, fun, fine food, and more.

Find more information and see the latest special offers at all of Slovenia’s state-registered spas here – http://en.slovenia-terme.si/