Heart Healthy Radenci

Mention the word ‘Radenci‘to anyone in Slovenia, and, no doubt, they will automatically think of Radenska mineral water and the 3 red hearts that symbolise this famous health resort, which has a 130-year tradition.


The Radenci Health Resort, located in the northeast of Slovenia, is somewhat different to the other thermal spas in Slovenia that I have visited thus far. Although there is ample opportunity for relaxation, pampering, and water-based activities, its main focus is on health and well-being, and is a renowned centre for cardiovascular rehabilitation.

Accommodation at the resort consists of 2 four-star hotelsHotel Radin and Hotel Izvir.

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High in carbon dioxide, Radenska mineral water is ranked among the richest mineral waters in Europe. Those staying at the resort can benefit from three free daily drinking therapy sessions. The water that comes direct from the spring is proven, amongst other things, to have beneficial effects on the immune system and on regulating blood pressure.


The story began back in 1833 when Karl Henn, then a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Vienna, found the springs at Radenci. He became an expert in balneology, returned to Radenci in 1865, purchased the land with the spring and, in just the first year, filled and sold 37,000 bottles of Radenci mineral water, even supplying it to the Imperial Court in Vienna and the Papal Court in Rome. The health resort at Radenci was opened by Dr. Henn’s son in 1882.

Radenci is marked out by its extremely high number of regular loyal guests – some of whom have been coming for up to 60 years! This alone tells the story of the care and dedication the resort strives to provide for its guests.

A good way to get acquainted with the resort’s history is to watch the short film presentation, where you can see how the bottling of Radenska water took place in the past, and you can also visit the nearby bottling plant. After watching the film I headed for to the resort’s park to see the spring up close.


The park is an oasis of calm and an ideal place for a stroll.


St. Anna’s church occupies a prime position in the park.


After my stroll around the park, I headed to the Medico-Wellness Centre to try one of the resort’s famous natural mineral baths – bathing in Radenska mineral water with thousands of tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide that penetrate the skin helping the body to regenerate and improve circulation to flush out waste products. You can also enjoy a range of massages, fango wraps and other treatments.


The centre also has the most up-to-date equipment for cardiac patients including ultrasound machines and offer a range of healthy heart programmes, carried out by highly qualified specialists.

The pool complex comprises 10 pools including an Olympic-size pool for lane swimming, and as well indoor and outdoor thermal pools. The World of Saunas features six saunas as well as special sauna programmes such as honey pampering, menthol heart scrub, and coconut tropical cream.


Continuing the theme of health, the resort has introduced a new colour-coded food system, named  Eat Better, prepared with the in-house nutritionist, which helps guests make healthy choices at meal times. But don’t worry, if you aren’t on a diet, there are also a few less healthy treats, including desserts such as the famous layered cake gibanica and apple strudel made by soaking the pastry in Radenska mineral water.


The surroundings of Radenci are ideal for outdoor activities such as cycling, running and Nordic walking. The annual Three Hearts Marathon is one of the most popular marathons in Slovenia and, since it began in 1981, has been attracting runners from Europe and further afield. You can walk along the Path along the Mura river, or follow the 8km Springs of Life Trail which leads to seven mineral water springs.


I set off by bike to cycle up to the church at nearby Kapelski vrh for wonderful views of the surrounding wine-growing area. There are also a range of organised excursions to nearby places of interest such as Lake Bukovnica and tasting the famous Radgona sparkling wine at the Radgona wine cellar.


Find more information about the Radenci Health Resort here – http://www.sava-hotels-resorts.com/en/radenci/

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