Sea, Salt & Spa in Strunjan

Let me begin this blog by saying that I’m not a person who is drawn to the sea – hills, mountains and forests are more my thing. However, I defy anyone, whether a lover of the coast of not, not to be enthralled, as I was, by the green haven that is Strunjan, and I haven’t stopped raving about it since!

Located halfway between Izola and Piran, Strunjan really is one of the nicest, most pristine, parts of Slovenia’s 42km of coastline, featuring the tallest cliffs in the Adriatic, tree-lined avenues, invigorating sea air, a nature park, salt pans, and so much more!


I stayed in the four-star Svoboda Hotel, part of the Talaso Strunjan resort, which is particularly known for its thalassotherapy treatments. The resort also comprises the three-star Laguna Hotel, the four-star Villa Park annex, and family villas located just 100 metres from the Svoboda Hotel.

This was the view from my room, not bad hey! The water you can see is the Štjuža lagoon which forms part of the Strunjan Nature Park.


Shortly after arrival I went for a walk around the lagoon and then up the steep cobbled street leading to St. Mary’s church – the most important pilgrimage centre in the whole of Istria.


After my walk it was time to try out one of the thalassotherapy treatments, which harness the properties of the surrounding natural resources – sea, salt and mud – and are known not only for being relaxing, but also having optimal healing effects. I tried out a combination treatment which began with a Fango wrap, using marine mud – also known as ‘black gold’ – followed by a relaxing salt pan massage. Here’s the before…


And the during …


For the massage small linen pouches filled with salt crystals are used, which are then dipped in a mixture of 4 essential oils, again with an emphasis on scents from the surroundings – lavender, rosemary, orange and basil.


The resort also features indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpools and children’s pools, containing heated seawater, so you can enjoy swimming in the seawater all year round!

The Istrian stone-built saunas comprise Finnish, Turkish, infrared, aromatic and salt saunas.


krka strunjan 5 2010

Strunjan boasts 2,300 hours of sunshine per year, so I was pretty unlucky that I woke up to cloud and drizzle on the second morning of my stay. However, I didn’t let that stop me and still went out for a walk to Lucan, following route 6 of the 8 well-marked walking trails. It was well worth it and the combination of the sea views, vineyards and olive groves gives the feeling of being in Tuscany, yet by the sea! The sights and smells, the flora and fauna, and the views, oh the views! I can only imagine that on a clear day it must be even more breathtaking!

There are also plenty of well-marked cycling routes that lead directly from the resort.


From Strunjan you can see along the coastline to Piran, Slovenia’s most popular coastal town, often referred to as the ‘jewel of the Adriatic coast’. I took the opportunity to sit in the bay at Strunjan and watch the sun setting, as this is something I don’t get to see living in Gorenjska, where the sun sets behind the mountains. Simply magical!


The Strunjan salt pans are a must-visit, and just a 10 minute stroll from the resort.


The two salt maker’s houses now operate as a museum where visitors can take a guided tour and learn about the process of salt harvesting.


I’m kicking myself that after 9 years of living here I have only just discovered Strunjan and am already counting the days until my next visit!

You can find more information at Talaso Strunjan here –

© Spas in Slovenia 2016

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